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ToTok - Free HD Video Calls & Voice Chats Review

ToTok - Free HD Video Calls

  • free group video calls
  • simple menu and settings
  • retouch filter for video calls.
  • upgrade download failures
  • difficult to delete an account
  • possible security breach.
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Basic Functionality

At the time of its release, the app promised potential users "fast, free and secure" calls and chat. And to be objective, it should be said that ToTok is a pretty good messenger, and many understand this. That is precisely why the above product of the UAE government last week managed to become one of the most downloaded applications in the Middle East and beyond its borders, namely in the United States, where it held a leading position for a long time.

Why Is It So Popular

Almost every state wants to release its messenger in the same way, which will be used, if not by the whole world, then at least by residents of the respective country. ToTok, in such a short time, managed to become extremely popular among the United Arab Emirates population. Such high popularity of the messenger is not something surprising, since in the UAE such applications as, for example, WhatsApp and Skype are banned, and therefore people simply have no choice but to use ToTok.

Data Security

According to the extremely authoritative edition of The New York Times, ToTok is actually a specially created government tool for carrying out mass espionage. The UAE Intelligence Agency wanted an additional way of mass surveillance of everything from conversations to its citizens' movement. What's most unusual about this situation is that ToTok was fully released just this year, and it's extremely funny to see that the goals of creating this application went public so quickly.

Rating 3/10

ToTok is a pretty good messenger app with all necessary functions which can be used free of charge to make calls and create chats. It was designed to rival Skype and WhatsApp, but things aren't going well for ToTok now. An incredibly large part of the users will turn away from the application, and then, most likely, lawsuits will follow.

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