Prohibited by Apple Store, Pax Releases Web App

Prohibited by Apple Store, Pax Releases Web App

After the service had been banned from Apple’s App Store, it released a web app with access to navigation over the schedule of the weed vapes. App Store cut the access for Pax almost half a year ago. Apple received numerous complaints from users and decided to delete vaping apps because of the increase in lung illnesses in the country.

The app is still available on the Android platform. However, iPhone owners were limited in their actions and could not manage setups number on their pricey vapes. The web version of the app allows its users to arrange the security features, check out the vaping choices, and see the details on the cartridge they currently own. Additional services, like taking one’s temperature, are available in the vape, however, Pax customers still need to confirm the information about the current stuffing of their cartridges.

Pax’s web app allows its clients to add extra security to their gadgets and control the setups. It is compatible with Pax Era, Pax 3, and Pax Era Pro. You can use Mac or Windows systems. However, the app does not support the iOS platform. And although Pax managed to deal with one problem, the number of its customers decreased after the ban from Apple Store.

Prohibited by Apple Store, Pax Releases Web App
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