Pixel Users Receive Early Present of Android 11 Beta Version

Pixel Users Receive Early Present of Android 11 Beta Version

Android 11 Beta is here. It was expected to be released in May, at the Google I/O Developers Conference which was canceled. An online event was planned on June 3. However, protests over the death of George Floyd have canceled originally plans. Google decided to postpone the presentation of the beta version.

Two users of Pixel 4XL have already got the new version though and shared the details on Android 11. You can finally check out the 3 completely new shapes of icons, the menu on the power button, and suggestions generated automatically in the native screen dock. XDA has revealed a detailed report on all the changes in Android 11. The description suggests that the new version is Android R’s beta edition.

Beta Version Details

The new Android system is highly-expected among users. NDK and SDK APIs are both expected to be included in it. Play Store is waiting to share its own Android 11 offers. There are visual improvements that promise to be more advanced, according to predictions.

This version had to be represented last month, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, the plans were postponed. Google decided to organize the release on June 3, but it was canceled due to the protests across the USA caused by George Floyd's killing.

Pixel Users Receive Early Present of Android 11 Beta Version
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