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Fortnite was announced in 2011, and over six years of development, it has become almost a mythical long-term construction. Epic Games' fabulous invention is designed to turn multiplayer cooperatives upside down. But this is only because, despite the popularity of the concepts, they are rarely implemented at a decent level. Fortnite does this surprisingly well.

  • a huge map worked out to the smallest detail
  • variety of weapons
  • the ability to move in vehicles
  • the dynamic pace of the game.
  • limited system of marks
  • excessive arcade shooting
  • uneven playing rhythm.
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    7.1 and up
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    Epic Games, Inc
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Twisted Style

The developers described their creation as a hybrid of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. It's more of an alliance between Orcs Must Die and Warframe. Only with a much larger budget and love for what they do.

After an unknown cataclysm, an ominous purple haze called the Tempest enveloped the planet. And, as if the spoiled climate and unkind atmosphere were not enough, the fog flooded the Earth with countless hordes of zombies. The consequences of a sudden invasion of cute, but carnivorous creatures did not take long to appear: 97% of the population died out.


The game is based on the good old tower defense, but with a slight deviation: modular construction of fortifications. On top of this layer is the meta-gameplay - the development of the base, the arsenal, your group of survivors, and the systematic liberation of each of the four-game regions from the purple yoke Storm. These mechanics work great and complement each other, but there are also some drawbacks. Whether they are critical or not depends on your perception.

Where To Start

After starting the game, we find ourselves on the global map. We look at the quests, check the equipment, and choose the mission. Matchmaking will be launched immediately. The lobby can accommodate up to four people. Playing alone is a very bad idea. There are at least a dozen types of quests here, but you will primarily explore locations and collect resources in any of them.

Rating 8/10

Unlike most tower defenses, Fortnite doesn't have predefined levels or predictable paths. You need to be prepared for everything - the game generates locations and the center of defense at random. The team of survivors is given only an approximate direction of the attack, but how to strengthen the necessary lines is up to the master.

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