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Secret Neighbor is an asymmetric multiplayer horror action game based on the Hello Neighbor franchise. For participation and victories in online battles, players receive coins that can be spent on new images of children and the Neighbor. Some skins can be purchased for real money. But there are no items that affect the gameplay.

  • fun gameplay when played with friends
  • many tactics for both sides
  • amazing sound effects.
  • unbalanced characters
  • localization bugs and flaws
  • toxic community.
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  • Compatibility:
    Requires Android 7 or later.
  • Size:
  • Languages:
    English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • Version:
  • Author:
    Tiny Build
  • Content Rating:
    Rated for 16+

Game Plan

The game rules are extremely simple: six children must get into the house of the creepy Neighbor, find the keys to all the doors, and find out the terrible secret of the villain. However, the problem is that one of the children is the same Neighbor who opened his hunt for the impudent people who have penetrated his house.

The Neighbor has his problems: he turned out to be too strong. This, literally, beating children: catching a child is easier than ever, and in order not to reveal himself ahead of time, you can throw objects at your opponent, weakening him in this way, and then take him prisoner without any problems.

Character Options

Before the start of the match, all players choose characters, of which there are only six. Plus two options for Neighbor. Each character has a unique skill: for example, the leader can temporarily speed up all the children in a certain radius around him, and the scout carries with him a slingshot, the charges of which can scare off the enemy. The Neighbor does not only possess great strength but also knows how to set traps, disguise as children, throw smoke bombs - in general, harm the villains in every possible way.


The game location is a huge multi-story building with many locked doors, inconspicuous rooms, and hiding places. The children's main goal is the basement door with six locks, and to open it, they will have to examine the entire mansion carefully. The keys' location is randomly generated, so you need to look into every drawer and cabinet. In the first match, this seems like an impossible task, but considering that the mansion always remains the same, you will gradually remember all floors and will be able to navigate without any problems.

Rating 7/10

Should you play Secret Neighbor? It depends on how much you like asymmetric social horror, where the result of the match depends on the team's harmony. In the game, you can have good fun with a group of friends, but races with random players can seem boring, and the presence of bugs and imbalance of the sides suggests that the authors should still work on it.

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